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No problem! Keep reading to get answers to frequently asked questions about HGH supplementation and the GenF20 Plus® Triple-Advantage SYSTEM!

While there have been no clinical studies done specifically on the affects of HGH on libido, it’s hard to ignore the overwhelming success stories from HGH users.

Increased levels of HGH are reported to have a dramatic impact on both sex drive AND enjoyment!

And it makes sense… Why would the anti-aging properties of HGH just impact your appearance, muscle mass, and memory? It’s a hormone, so of course it’s going to impact your sexual organs and function, too!

For example, it’s well documented that HGH reverses the shrinkage of vital organs like your heart and liver, which naturally occurs as you age. Now, it appears that it may reverse the shrinkage of the penis and clitoris that occurs with aging too!

Men and women well into their sixties, seventies, and eighties are reporting enjoying sex like they did in their 20s and 30s!

Many are having sex as often as 2-3 times per day. Even having the kind of intense orgasms they had in their teen years!

Every corner of the weight loss and health supplement market includes unscrupulous hucksters out to make a quick buck. HGH-related products are no different…
The most important thing to remember is that there’s no such thing as “non-prescription HGH.”

You can encourage your own body to produce more HGH using a high quality HGH releasing system like GenF20 Plus™.

But only a doctor can prescribe “synthetic HGH” — where you’re injected with actual HGH! Any company that claims their pills or sprays contain high doses of HGH is lying to you.

Only injections via a doctor can deliver high doses of real (i.e. synthetic) HGH and these injections cost between $10,000 to $30,000+ per year because you only see the benefits for as long as you’re receiving the injections.

GenF20 Plus™ Triple-Advantage System is an excellent, affordable alternative to expensive HGH injections, because it encourages your body to naturally produce more HGH on its own.

No costly or painful injections are required.

GenF20 Plus™ doesn’t contain any real or synthetic HGH.

Instead, you take a daily supplement (a convenient tablet) that encourages your body to naturally produce and release more of your own HGH.

You’re absolutely right… Foreign sources of HGH can’t be absorbed into the bloodstream by ingesting it in tablets, sprays, etc. So the only way to increase your HGH levels with an outside source of HGH is by getting injections straight into your bloodstream.

The problem is, injections are very costly at $10,000 to $30,000+ per year, require doctors visits, can be quite painful, and you must get ongoing injections if you want to continue to see the anti-aging benefits.

GenF20 Plus™ offers a safe, cost-effective, convenient way to naturally increase your HGH levels without injecting a foreign source of HGH into your body!

The HGH comes straight from YOUR pituitary gland — just like it did when you were in your 20s!

No doctor’s prescription is required to take GenF20 Plus™ because, unlike synthetic HGH injections, it’s a 100% natural daily supplement.

However, if you’re currently taking other medications, or have existing health questions or concerns, you should consult with your physician before taking GenF20 Plus™.

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